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Ecommerce Specialists with a proven track record of not only launching products online but also in maximising the sales generated from them

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Selling online is not simply about products and sales, it is also more importantly about helping you build a brand and an audience for that brand. This creates desire for your product and speaks directly to your customers, providing true value.
This touches on something very important to us and that is about also being socially conscious of the impact of what we do and how we can make a difference to people through the service we provide and therefore the products
Ecommerce has changed dramatically in recent years. It used to be simple to add products to Amazon, a shopify store or other platform and sit back and watch the sales come in. It is now far too risky to have all your ecommerce eggs in one basket.
Social Media and accessing your brand and product audience has become pivotal to online success and the brands that win this battle will be successful.
With the complex ecommerce world it is vital that you make the right decisions to maximise the success of your business, products and brand.
Social enterprise and consciousness is a key part of what we do. We love to make a real impact on our clients lives and therefore of those that their products and services impact too. We believe that the customer must come first to have a truly great product and brand.
You may have a product that you want to sell, be a product seller that is struggling to really make an impact or you may be pretty new and just want guidance before making the leap into ecommerce. If you have a great product and sell in a store then you are the perfect client and we would love to work with you.

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Please complete the discovery form so that we can better understand you and your business and therefore provide the best advice and support.

There is also no, one package fits all, as every client is different and has their own unique requirements, goals and products.

About Us

Ecommerce Specialists

Ecom Prophets are a team of Ecommerce Specialists with a combined experience of more than 10 years selling products and services online and more than 25 years of product sales and marketing experience across multiple niches.

Extensive Sales Experience

From managing client Amazon accounts to the value of $3 million per month, to personal product sales of well over $1 million per year we have covered most ecommerce areas and simply love helping people and companies to make the most from their fantastic products and the passion they have.


Bespoke Service

There is nothing more frustrating than to see a great product not reach its full potential and that is where we come in to assist and consult on the best way forward. A bespoke service, tailored to your needs is within easy reach.
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Top line service overview

Multiple Ecommerce sales channels across the globe

Amazon (Globally) – We specialise in helping US sellers or brand owners sell into Europe and visa versa EBay (Globally), Shopify, WordPress / Woo Commerce, plus other platforms. Social media marketing platforms and their ecommerce channels – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter

Product and Brand Launch specialists

Brand and Product Audience Gathering – We can literally capture an audience for your products from your competitor and influencer sites

Product Review and Customer Service experts

Product Influencer sourcing and creation

Upsell specialists to maximise the sales funnel and your return on investment

Video and Press Release


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Let’s discuss how we can work together to create an incredible business! You can get in touch with us for a quote, ask a question or tell us about your project via phone or email. You can also always drop in for a cup of coffee and a quick chat to find out more about how we can help you!

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Ecom Prophets are a team of Ecommerce Specialists with a combined experience of more than 10 years selling products and services online and more than 25 years of product sales and marketing experience across multiple niches.